TSOB 2022

Cast List

TV Man/Bill/Philip Glass-Ryder Russell

TV Woman/Betty/Second Woman-Fiona Woodland

Rob/Bake-Sam Carroll

Laura/ First Woman-Julianna Fluharty

Showcase Participants

De'Kari Holland (MC)

Emma Enright

Claire Blumberg

Taylor Pratt

Jillian Fluharty

Patsy Suarez

Sam Carroll

Fiona Woodland

Thomas Mitchell

Julianna Fluharty

Abigail Tyndall

Micah Taylor​

DUE to COVID, the following show was not performed.  Even though our original vision of TSOB22 was not possible, the student directors and actors of this show deserve recognition for their hard work and dedication through the rehearsal process.

Lanie Robertson's The Insanity of Mary Girard

Mary Girard Cast List

Mary Girard-Faith Elizabeth Humphreys

The Warder/Fury 1-Nathan Halstead

Mrs. Lum/Fury 2 ​-Katherine Akins

Stephen Girard-Christian Patterson

Mr. Phillips/ Fury 4-Trevor MacWilliams

Polly Kenton/Fury 3-Jillian Fluharty

Mrs. Hatcher/Fury 5-Patsy Suarez